Destiny's  Promise

Destinys Promise

Destinys Promise

Mrs. Antoinette Lyles

Executive Director, Image Consultation & Etiquette

Mrs. Antoinette Lyles is an Information Technology Specialist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In this role, Antionette manages IT related projects and coordinates Quality Assurance Activities.

Antionette is no stranger to helping others, having spent six years as an elder and a youth minister, which taught her the importance of giving back to the younger generation.

Before joining Destiny’s Promise 2013, Antionette worked with a diverse range of organizations, including small businesses, private sector organizations; non-profits Passionate about Destiny’s Promise and its possibilities.

Antionette is dedicated to providing services that help young girls become strong well-rounded women. She believes that through Destiny’s promise she can make a difference in the lives of young girls, and shape the future of young women.