Destiny's  Promise

Destinys Promise

Destinys Promise

Who We Are

Since September 2000, Destiny’s Promise (DP) has  help empower several generations of young women to be wiser, stronger and smarter by taking their rightful and respected places in life, first as women of character, then as good citizens, professionals, wives and mothers.

DP Facts

Unique Characteristics of Destiny’s Promise

  • .  We are a young organization with no paid staff and a very small (but active) board that has attracted the support of several sponsors and professional organizations and educators.

  • .  Our impact is both local and international— Destiny’s Promise supports young women through mentoring workshops, community outreach programs, overseas missions partnerships, and mother & daughter retreats. 

  •  Our mentoring workshops, community outreach and programming activities are led and facilitated by volunteer professionals.

  • Unique Characteristics of the DP’s Mentoring Program

    Our mentoring program is founded on the principles of the Bible and conveyed to meet the particular needs and concerns of the young women.
  • We mentor the girls on real world issues and connect them with leaders in the community who serve as role models. Our workshops are led by prominent leaders within the community and government that have achieved great success, so by connecting them to these role models we give them hope, inspiration, and support.

  • We provide a safe and welcoming environment where girls can be girls, have fun, make friends and learn. They also learn how to support and encourage each other. This is critical since many of them lack support outside our organization. 
    Destiny’s Promise offers something for everyone. We listen to the girls and tailor the workshops and retreats to ensure they get the most out of it. Our topics cover issues that everyone can relate to at some point in their life — knowing your identify, having confidence & courage, dos and don’ts of social media, bullying, career development, entrepreneurship, developing business plans, goal setting, and communicating with the opposite sex. 
    Trail Blazers-We develop challenging programs which pushes and stretches the imagination, determination, and drive of our youth in order to get them to see what’s possible. We foster lifelong learning and success through a commitment to explore the arts, technology, leititure drama, theater, dance, creative writing, photo journalism, positive values, healthy habits and high expectations.

The Figures

About Those We Serve 

100% Female (including the moms)
15 % 11-12 years of age
35% 13-15 years of age
50% 16 years of age and older

Ethnicity of Women Served 

70% African American
10% Hispanic or Latino 
10% Caucasian
10% Multi-racial 

Regions We Serve 
We service the Washington, DC metropolitan area including the following areas:

Washington, DC
Prince George’s County
Howard County
Anne Arundel County
Montgomery County
Charles County
Northern Virginia

Why Our Work Matters*

367,930 children enrolled in public schools qualify for free or reduced meals
274,000 children have special health care needs

276,000 children live below 150% of poverty ($33,170)
107,000 children have at least one parent unemployed
39,964 children and youth are arrested
children have multiple suspensions from school

7,201 children have dropped out of school
3,329 children were removed from their homes in the first six months of 2011

*The Annie E. Casey Foundation 2011 Kids Count Data Book

Our Impact

DP Mentoring Program

 95% of mentees participated in community service activities

70 % of mentees provided report cards that showed an increase in grades

Mentees were exposed to over 100 professional women & men from the community and government who came out to participate & teach at the retreats & workshops

Mentees displayed an increase in social skills including public speaking and self-esteem

100% of our mentees graduate high school and go off to college 

Overseas Outreach Program

. Hundreds of gifts are provided to the underserved children & families in Dominican Republic

Food and supplies were given in support of the homeless street kids

Thousands of dollars spent supporting the shipping of donations and supplies

Outreach focuses on homeless community

Mother & Daughter Retreat

14 years hosting the Mother & Daughter Retreat

Hundreds of Moms & daughters exchanging pledges & making promises for the future
Each year 50-75 girls participate in the Purity Vow Ceremony – A vow to stay a virgin until marriage. We also celebrate 2nd chance Virgins for girls who need a fresh start
50-75 Purity Rings, Bracelets, or necklaces were distributed to the daughters from the moms
. Many fathers attended the Purity ceremony with pride & honor
100% of parents reported seeing an improvement in how the girls carried themselves around their peers and their interactions with young boys
100% girls displayed an increase in self-confidence
50% of our Seniors entered college as virgins

Senior Scholarship Program

100%  of our seniors were awarded the DP Legacy Scholarship award for Excellent Community Service. Yrs> 2002 thru 2014
50%  of our seniors were granted merit scholarships  to assist with school supplies and fees
Awarded students came from low & middle-class income household